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Building Maintenance & Engineering Services

For years, some of the top corporations in the United States and Canada have chosen Service Boss® for a first class building and engineering maintenance solution. When choosing an engineering and building maintenance company our clients need a company who can do it all - one company - one bill - one solution. As our technicians are certified and licensed, we support them with the necessary tools, insurance, financial backing, and benefits that streamline your experience, improving your bottom line.

Our Building Maintenance Engineers Provide Top Notch Services

People seeking building and engineering maintenance services careers want to work at Service Boss, and our customers benefit.

We recruit the best of a broad spectrum of building maintenance engineers and personnel including:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Roving truck-based maintenance technicians
  • HVAC technicians
  • General maintenance
  • Locksmiths
  • Data Center technicians
  • Energy engineers
  • GMP maintenance
  • Industrial equipment maintenance engineers
  • Conveyor system and distribution equipment technician
  • Clean room technicians

Service Boss provides more engineering maintenance solutions including:

  • Technical Expertise and Supervision. We provide a network of technical and engineering area managers serving all of the United States and Canada. Our local area resources cover all aspects of building/engineering maintenance and repair. Many of our building maintenance engineers hold professional engineering and design degrees, contractor’s licenses, and LEED AP or other accreditations to improve building operations.
  • Safety and Training. Service Boss delivers a complete OSHA-compliant building safety solution including safety inspections, assessment, training, and documentation. On the web or in the classroom, we provide our building maintenance engineers with technical and supervisory training to enhance their skills and capabilities. Our commitment to customer service drives our training platform, which includes a comprehensive library of training tools.
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration. We provide a host of payroll functions for union and non-union employees. We reduce costs by offering flexible, customized benefits and lower insurance costs.
  • Maintenance Technologies. As an industry leader in computerized maintenance management system applications, we have developed our own systems for efficient operations and reporting.
  • Property Condition Assessments. Our building maintenance engineers provide a comprehensive assessment that identifies operational and physical deficiencies along with cost-effective solutions to ensure your properties are safe, reliable and efficient.
  • Energy and Sustainability. Through our Energy Services group, we have access to industry top talent who evaluate, design and implement energy curtailment and sustainability solutions. Our engineering/building maintenance engineers can help you lower your utility costs and earn valuable points toward LEED certification.
  • Quality control. We have adopted the International Organization for Standardization ISO-9000 program, the most widely known quality management system in the world.
  • Mobile maintenance. We provide fully equipped maintenance vehicles, fleet management, fuel and maintenance programs, procurement cards, mobile dispatching and communication technology. Mobile maintenance offers an essential solution for maintaining smaller sites across a wide geographic area. Our technical experts know how to help you design a complete maintenance program that will increase efficiency and create cost savings through dedicated mobile maintenance technicians.

More Companies Select Service Boss® Because We Deliver...

  • Access to the best engineering maintenance talent in hundreds of markets across the country.
  • Technical knowledge and experience.
  • Solutions for risk avoidance and regulatory compliance before an event so you have peace of mind knowing that your properties are safe and reliable.
  • Cost savings through energy, operating efficiencies and labor utilization — key ingredients to maximizing productivity and improving service levels.
  • National resources that minimize the need for dedicated in-house expertise.
  • ISO certification for all our operations across the country. That means you can count on our building maintenance engineers for exceptional value and quality.

Serving You Locally or Nationally

Coverage Wherever You Are
Our network of regional and district managers provide local engineering maintenance expertise, access to talent, and personal attention across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. You benefit from our ability to recruit, train, and support our maintenance teams wherever you are.

Account Management
Through a single point of contact, our building maintenance engineers have the ability to monitor multiple buildings (or your entire portfolio), enhancing consistency, consolidating performance metrics and reducing your time spent on coordinating efforts across all your properties.

Direct Access to Specialists
If you need to resolve a labor issue, want advice on a technical matter, or require assistance with capital projects or budgets, we have a team of specialists who will help you get the job done.

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