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Our philosophy is that nothing is so urgent that we can’t do it safely.

We have enjoyed a good health and safety record over the years and continue to strive to ensure everything we do is safe for our employees, customers and the public in general.

Our systems and processes are not only sound on paper but they are also ingrained in our culture. This has been backed up by research carried out by independent industry bodies.

As well as ensuring we operate safely, we minimize the impact our work may have on the environment.

We have a number of welfare initiatives currently in action.


A women-only development program, designed to provide the tools needed to set goals, gain confidence and transfer skills. It is not mandatory and it doesn’t necessarily have to be work based.

Skills for Life, and English for Speakers of Other Languages

This training initiative addresses ability in English for some of Service Boss’s staff. It gives them the opportunity to get free or very low cost English language and literacy education. As with Springboard, it is a voluntary program and there is the possibility of moving on to NVG Level.

Graduate Scheme

Designed to attract recent, high-caliber graduates and to integrate them into the business through a system of controlled placements. It is expected to last for approximately two years.

Apprentice Scheme

This initiative supports young people as they progress to skilled technician or junior managerial roles, dependent on business need and age profile. It gives young people the chance to gain recognized qualifications which differ depending upon the education route chosen.

Service Boss Excellence Awards

An annual scheme for employees, voted for by the employees in recognition of excellence in the categories of employee, manager and team of the year. There is also a special recognition reward and an excellence in customer service award. The Awards are sponsored for by Balfour Beatty Workplace, as well as Bunzl, HSS Hire Shops, Norbain, Edmundson Electrical and River Plastics.

Employee Assistance Help-line and Occupational Health

A confidential, free phone line, available to all employees, 24 hours a day. Giving them help with any medical, financial or other domestic problems they may be facing. Occupational, health referrals are part of the employee assistance program and involve free consultations. These must be approved by the direct manager of the employee.


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