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Our Values

Our values should guide every interaction we have among our staff and customers. Our values should anchor every product and service we provide and every channel we operate. If we can’t link what we do to one of our values, we should ask ourselves why we’re doing it. It’s that simple.

Our entire staff should know our values so well that if we threw out all our policy manuals, we would still make decisions based on the general understanding of our culture and what we stand for. Corporate America is besieged with companies that craft lofty values on paper, but when put to the test, fail to live by them. We believe in values lived, not phrases memorized. If we had to choose, we’d rather have a team that lives by our values than one that just memorizes them.

These primary values keep the doors of our business open:

  • People as a competitive edge – We strive to attract, develop, retain and motivate the most talented people we can find, people who care and who work together as partners across business units and functions. We provide them the tools and training they need to succeed in their work, and we want them to be responsible and accountable for their businesses and functions. We expect their best and thank them for their outstanding performance. Products and technology don’t fulfill the promise behind a brand, people do—people who are talented, motivated and energized. We believe our people will out-execute our competitors every time because they have the talent, motivation and energy to do so. When our people are in the right jobs, spending time on the right things, leading well, feeling good about their contributions, fully using their skills, learning new ones and having fun, they’ll do what’s right for the customer. When they’re properly supported, incented, rewarded, encouraged and recognized, they’re even more satisfied with their jobs, providing a better service for our customers.
  • Ethics – Our ethics are the sum of all the decisions each of us makes every day. If you want to find out how strong a company’s ethics are, don’t listen to what they say. Watch what they do. This is even more important in our industry because everything we do is built on trust. It is earned day by day.
  • Custom solutions – We will always do what is right for the customer. Let’s face it, the service business is a very demanding business with all walks of life. Each property has its own fingerprint. There is no “one way to do all” as the requirements, specs, and size of each individual property will most always be different. We have developed a reputation as a flexible company. We will always adjust to the demands and necessities of our customers.
  • Diversity and inclusion – We want to build and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture for all Service Boss® team members—one where they feel valued and respected for who they are as well as for the skills and experiences they bring to our company. We want team members to feel comfortable and enjoy being part of our community, knowing they can build a career here and help the company succeed.This is key in developing solutions from multiple perspectives.
  • Leadership – Bosses go bankrupt, Leaders run fortune 1000 companies. When a customer is waiting for an answer, we have to be able to respond fast, on the spot. That’s a competitive advantage. Leaders don’t wait for an answer from headquarters. They don’t rely solely on policy manuals at that “moment of truth” when they have to come through for the customer. Leaders consider themselves equal partners in a team effort to achieve our vision. When the team needs help, leaders pitch in just like everyone else. They’re involved. They’re hands on and available. They take personal ownership for a customer’s problem and don’t let go until that problem is solved. No one tells them to do it. They just do it. They don’t rely on authority or force of personality. They believe in the inherent knowledge and talent of every team member. They believe our people have the answer to every problem and every opportunity. They empower their people to develop ideas, test them, quantify the results and then share the good ones with our other businesses and functions throughout the company. “We Do The Service. You Be The Boss.”

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