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Security & Concierge Services

A recent survey identified that 80% of employees spend at least 20% of their working day on personal tasks. Whilst this is clearly costly to employers, it is an indication of the changes that are taking place in our lifestyle with increased pressure and demands on our time than ever before.

Given the choice, we know that most employees would rather not spend time at work trying to organize personal tasks. What's more, they do not want to spend what little time they have, in their lunch break, after work and at weekends doing mundane chores and time consuming errands. This is where Service Boss's Concierge Services can help.

Evidence show our clients benefit from our services in so many ways:

  • Increased productivity and concentration during working hours
  • Better company image and appeal by making a strong statement to staff and customers that you value and support your workforce
  • Improvement in staff morale by encouraging staff to use their free time as they wish without worrying about the burden of a long 'to do' list

In addition our services deliver:-

  • An important selling point when it comes to recruiting the best candidates
  • Increased workforce focus by ensuring that P.A.'s and other support staff concentrate on work related matters rather than personal tasks for their boss!
  • Time saving assistance to the employer with tasks such as corporate travel, corporate gifts, corporate entertainment or anything else that the employer demands - we operate as a one stop shop, both professionally and cost effectively.

How we operate our Corporate Concierge Services.

We provide a dedicated and highly trained on-site Concierge or Concierge team to look after your staff requirements. Our Concierges are usually located in highly visible and accessible areas such as a reception, staff restaurant or rest area.

Your employees can telephone, email or visit the Concierge desk with their requests and they will be able to access an extremely comprehensive range of products and services through the Concierge service.

Unlike our competitors our Concierges are based in your office so that our service becomes so much more personal to the employees and the company - we consistently find that our Concierges immerse themselves into the culture of their assigned company and are frequently invited to attend their company functions and events.

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