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The Service Boss mark and what it means to you.

Service Boss clients will always be able to recognize Service Boss employees because they’ll proudly be wearing the Service Boss name. The professional image of our service employees is just one more way Service Boss works to enhance the overall image at your property. As the old saying goes, we are often measured by the company we keep. Our uniformed service employees help you project an image of quality and professionalism at your facility.

Now more than ever, establishing an identity and presence at our client sites is imperative as security at most facilities has become heightened in recent years. Our uniform program helps put your employees, tenants and clients at ease knowing that a service employee comes from Service Boss, a name they have come to know and trust. And from a security standpoint, it simply helps to distinguish the people who are supposed to be on your property from the people who aren’t.

The power of a uniform doesn’t stop there. It also gives our service employees a greater sense of responsibility and accountability with every action, every day. Our uniform program makes a statement; it says, “One Look. One Team.” Our staff knows that the Service Boss name stands for quality. This notion extends far beyond our employees’ personal appearance; it reaches into the very fiber of our team’s daily work ethic – with the Service Boss name on their shirts as a constant reminder of the task at hand.