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Why Service Boss

We are a forward-thinking and progressive company, so we are always looking out for ways to improve and enhance the services we offer our clients.

Because we regularly review our technology to reflect recent innovations, we are often the first to bring the benefits of faster, smarter solutions to our Clients.

We have a team of Technical Innovation Managers and a Technical Innovation Center based at our regional office in Pennsylvania. They are responsible for fully testing innovative products to make sure they are fit for purpose and cost effective. They also highlight new developments and ways of working to deliver a world-class service to our Clients.

Recent innovations include

Remote real-time access - providing our Clients with instant access to data

Our Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) Real-Time Web Server facility gives you instant access to vital data held at the ARC and allows you to view your system performance 'live' over the web, via a secure server. You can also update site key-holders, change opening and closing times, and even place systems on and off test to perform weekly fire alarm testing procedures.

Smart scheduling for our building maintenance and engineering workforce - improving overall efficiency

To increase our network's efficiency and benefit the environment, we have recently invested in an advanced scheduling tool for the workforce. This system automatically schedules the nearest skilled technician to visit sites within an agreed timescale. This will result in faster response times, less driving for our engineers and considerable cost savings on fuel - which will in turn benefit you, and the environment.

Remote diagnostics - resolving faults fast minimum disruption and lower servicing costs

Our established 24/7 remote diagnostic capability means we can identify and often resolve faults without the need to send an engineer to site. This delivers cost savings, improves first time fixes, gives you a more responsive solution to reported issues and reduces the mileage undertaken by our engineers - reducing our impact on the environment.

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